Math 396
Communications in Math
Fall 2012

Course description
This one-credit course covers oral, written, and electronic communication of mathematics.
Course objectives
By the end of the course, you should be able to
  • give an effective oral mathematical presentation;
  • write a persuasive exposition of a mathematical topic; and
  • demonstrate how to communicate mathematics on the internet.
There is no required textbook.
The official prerequisites for this course are Math 220 (Foundations of Mathematics), junior or senior classification, and a mathematics major.
The course meets 10:20–11:10 on Wednesdays in room 122 of the Blocker building.
Exams and grades
There are no examinations in this course; in particular, there is no final examination.
Grades will be based on the following ten items, each worth ten points (for a total of 100 points):
  • preparation of a résumé;
  • preparation of a sample LaTeX document;
  • mock job interview;
  • first draft of a technical paper;
  • final draft of a technical paper;
  • slides for oral presentation of the technical paper;
  • oral presentation of the technical paper;
  • first draft of a short expository paper;
  • final draft of a short expository paper;
  • class participation.
Course letter grades are based on the standard scale (60% is passing, 70% or higher earns a C, 80% or higher earns a B, 90% or higher earns an A).
Course schedule
Due dates of assignments are available.
Course website
Office hours
During the Fall 2012 semester, my office hour in Milner 202 is 2:00–3:00 in the afternoon on Monday and Wednesday; I am available also by appointment. The best way to contact me is via email to Telephone messages can be left at the Milner office of the Department of Mathematics, 979-845-7554.