Math 396
Communications in Math
Spring 2013

Course description
This one-credit “C” course covers oral, written, and electronic communication of mathematics.
Course objectives
By the end of the course, you should be able to
  • give an effective oral mathematical presentation;
  • write a persuasive exposition of a mathematical topic; and
  • demonstrate how to communicate mathematics on the internet.
There is no required textbook.
The prerequisites for this course are Math 220 (Foundations of Mathematics), junior or senior classification, and classification as a mathematics major.
Meeting time and place
The course meets 11:30–12:20 on Wednesdays in room 123 of the Blocker building.
Exams and grades
There are no examinations in this course; in particular, there is no final examination.
Grades are based on the following items (100 points total).
  • Reflective essay in LaTeX (approximately 300 words); 10 points.
  • Mock job interview (includes preparing a résumé); 10 points.
  • Technical paper in LaTeX (approximately 2000 words); 30 points.
  • Oral presentation of the technical paper (includes preparing slides); 20 points.
  • Expository paper in LaTeX (approximately 800 words); 20 points.
  • Class participation; 10 points.
Course letter grades are based on the standard scale (60% is passing, 70% or higher earns a C, 80% or higher earns a B, 90% or higher earns an A).
Course schedule
Due dates of assignments are available.
Course website
Office hours
During the Spring 2013 semester, my office hour in Milner 202 is 2:00–3:00 in the afternoon on Monday and Wednesday; I am available also by appointment. The best way to contact me is via email to Telephone messages can be left at the Milner office of the Department of Mathematics, 979-845-7554.