Math 409 Advanced Calculus I

Sections 200 and 501 Spring 2010

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Harold P. Boas
(979) 845–7269

This course covers the axioms and the properties of the real number system, sequences of real numbers, continuity and uniform continuity of real functions, properties of derivatives of real functions, and the theory of the Riemann integral on the real line. Some additional topics may be covered if time permits.

An Introduction to Analysis, fourth edition, by William R. Wade, ISBN 978-0-13-229638-0. The course covers Chapters 1–5. Some additional sections may be covered if time permits.
Math 220 (Foundations of Mathematics) and Math 221 (Several Variable Calculus).
The course meets 11:10–12:25 on Tuesday and Thursday in BLOC 161.
Exams and grades
There will be exams in class on February 18 (Thursday) and April 1 (Thursday). The final exam is scheduled for 15:00–17:00 on May 7 (Friday). Each of the three exams counts for 25% of the course grade. Homework counts for the remaining 25% of the course grade.
Office hours
15:00–16:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and 13:00–14:00 Wednesday in Milner 202; also by appointment.
Help session
Check /courses/helpsessions.html for information about help sessions run by the Department of Mathematics. There is an additional help session for Math 409 meeting on Wednesdays from 13:30–16:00 and Fridays from 12:00–14:30 in Blocker 605.

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